‘Stump’ Rig

This character’s texture are still WIP. It will be available for download soon.

‘Stump’ is a 3D rendition of this concept art piece: pinterest.com/pin/344455071473086404/
Unfortunately I don’t have the name of the original artist to pay them credit as the original site appears to be in Chinese.

I was responsible for all aspects including:

  • Modeling the low and high poly meshes in Maya and ZBrush
  • Rigging
  • Baking normals and AO with xNormals
  • Animation
  • Lighting

The character’s diffuse and specular maps were created by Chad Fetzer.

Programs used: Maya 2015, ZBrush 4R6, xNormals, After Effects
Poly Count: 7528.
Texture Size: 2x2k Normal, Diffuse, Alpha, Spec Maps